Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So polished - Summer favourites

Everyone that knows me knows that I'm addicted to nail polish. When I'm in the store I always ask myself how much nail polish a person can own, then think about the enormous amount I have, feel ashamed and then buy it anyway.
Here are a few of my favourites for this summer...or at least this week!

Supertrash: Fluor yellow
Supertrash: Coral red (comes out as a neon pink)
Catrice: 650 Goldfinger
Essie: 785 Navigate her
Catrice: 830 Salmon & Garfunkel
Hema: 85 Lilac purple
Essie: 15 Sugar daddy
Catrice: 820 Pimp my shrimp
KOH: 114 Brilliant Pink
Essence: 02 White secret

What are some of your summer favourites? Happy polishing!

-Images by Shar Pherai-

Under construction!

Hi everyone!

I know posts have been lacking and the reason is that I wasn't pleased with the direction I was in with the blog. I've had this blog since May 2009, but I have been wanting more of a beauty type blog. So the old posts (all from 2009 till now) will be deleted. Also the name of the blog has been changed from 'Fashion Chic' to 'Beauty by Shar'. So stay tuned for more beauty related posts!

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